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Ride Management Documents
(Most documents are in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click to download and install it.)

Management Manual
This manual includes information that was previously in two locations. Former duplicated information is now in one of two places - either in the manual or on the website, but not both. The manual links to forms on the website. The manual's Table of Contents has links to the pages for each topic.

Please print sections of the manual describing volunteer responsibilities and duties to give to the appropriate volunteers. Ride Chairs/Secretaries will receive a printed version of the Management Manual along with the other ride materials. Additional printed copies may be purchased from the NATRC Store.

Forms followed by a red asterisk ( * ) are interactive. Download, save, enter data, save again, email as an attachment. (Some browsers, like MS Edge and Safari, have their own PDF viewers that do not support filllable forms. Download, save and open them with Adobe Reader.)
Problem with downloading forms? Contact the Webmaster.

  Before the Ride
   Forms to be Printed For the Ride: These forms must be available in hard copy at the ride.
  • Rider Liability Waiver * Must be signed by ALL ride competitors.
  • Worker Liability Waiver * Must be signed by ALL ride workers.
  • Click to Select State State specific page 2. Must be signed by ALL riders and workers. Post your state Equine Activity Liability Act (EALA) sign prominently at the ride. Save all signed releases with the permanent ride records. PLEASE READ: Liability Waivers Instructions.
  • Weigh in Sheets For the Weighmaster at check-in to record each weight class rider's weight with tack.
  • Weight Cards for Perforated Business Card Stock, for Non-Perforated Card Stock To issue on check-in day to each rider requiring weighing who has no current card. Even years, print on white card stock; odd years, print on blue. (The first template is set up for the Avery 8371 perforated business card sheets. Because of variations in systems and software, the template may not print correctly on Avery forms. If so, use the second template to print on non-perforated card stock and cut out.)
  • Timing Sheet Supply several sheets to the timer.
  • Open/CP/Novice Scorecard Instructions
  • CRI Log Form For Judge CRI data gathering.
  • CRI Protocol Guideline
  • P & R Template Print on card stock and cut into 1/4 page cards.
  • Awards Sheets For recording the final placings to be read at the awards meeting. Put the appropriate forms in each judge's packet. Keep a complete extra set in case forms are lost before ride's end.
  • Veterinary and Horsemanship Apprentice & Provisional Judge Progress Report * Filled out and returned to NATRC by Ride Chair, RI & supervising judges.
  • Rules Interpreter (RI) Report * For RI to complete and return via email.
  • Accident Report * Fill out and submitt to NATRC office within 24 hours of an accident. To expedite, the hand written report may be transposed to the web form and emailed.
  • Leisure Division Scorecard - Front and Back If offering the Leisure Division.
  • Score Sheets For announcing winners at the awards ceremony.
    Forms to Complete After the Ride:
    If you are not using the Ride Management System (RMS), contact the NATRC Office to request the final forms/spreadsheets listed below.
  • A, AA and B Ride Reports - Use a separate copy for each ride type.
  • Breed List - Use only these abbreviations in the Ride Report "Breed" column.
  • Ride Fees and Statistics Form or CA Ride Fees and Statistics Form (California Rides Only) Save, fill out and email with your Ride Reports. Print a copy to send with your fees check. Do not type in the spaces with zeros. Those are formulas that calculate totals.
    Optional for Rider Packets or Handouts: Free Membership Flyer

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